Breathable Cushion Cover (soft)

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A Breathable Cover made from a Soft finished Polyester Spacer Mesh, the 3/4mm thick Spacer Fabric has a matching top and Bottom layer with filaments interlinking the two surfaces together allowing for maximum airflow between the cushion and the user. The finished cover will consist of three different layers starting with the 3D Spacer Mesh, below the mesh is a layer of Medium Density Foam approx. 6mm followed by a second internal breathable layer simply to aid cushion insertion, a Breathable Cover allows continues airflow between user and the cushion top surface. Corner Transfer Pads can be added if needed to help prevent wear through continuous transferring to the front corners of the Cover. All covers come as standard with a front carry handle and soft female Velcro to the Vinyl underside unless instructed otherwise, all Covers are Machine washable and include a nylon zip for easy change.

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Additional information

Cushion Length

14 Inches (355mm), 16 Inches (406mm), 15 Inches (381mm), 17 Inches (431mm), 18 Inches (457mm), 19 Inches 482mm)

Cushion Width

14 Inches (355mm), 15 Inches (381mm), 16 Inches (406mm), 17 Inches (431mm), 18 Inches (457mm), 19 Inches 482mm)

Cushion Depth

1 Inch (25mm), 1.5 Inches (37mm), 2 Inches (51mm), 2.5 Inches (63mm), 3 Inches (76mm), 3.5 Inches (89mm) |, 4 Inches (102mm), 4.5 Inches (114mm), 5 Inches (127mm)

Mesh Colour

Black, Blue/Green, Dark Blue, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Red, Royal Blue, Wine

1 review for Breathable Cushion Cover (soft)

  1. Paul Howell

    Very pleased with the breathable/nylon cushion cover. Despatched on the same day ordered, delivered 2 days later. The cover was easy to fit and is a superb replacement for my worn Jay Lite cushion. And it looks good too.

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