Breathable Cushion Cover (Firm single layer)


Breathable Cover made with a single layer 3D Polyester Spacer Fabric 6mm thick. 3D construction, which reduces heat build-up, allows consistent air circulation and provides high moisture transfer. Rather than 3 separate layers this is just one single layer. Prevents creasing which could break down your skin leading to medical problems. Comfortable cushioning and shock absorbency with excellent recovery properties: Extremely high air distribution in all directions: soft cushioning effect: Excellent recovery: High shock absorption: Very low weight: Colours available Black, Beige, Silver & Olive Green. All Covers now give you the option of Standard 6oz Nylon sides or 3mm Black Neoprene.

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Additional information

Cushion Length

14 Inches (355mm), 16 Inches (406mm), 15 Inches (381mm), 17 Inches (431mm), 18 Inches (457mm), 19 Inches 482mm)

Cushion Width

14 Inches (355mm), 15 Inches (381mm), 16 Inches (406mm), 17 Inches (431mm), 18 Inches (457mm), 19 Inches 482mm)

Cushion Depth

1 Inch (25mm), 1.5 Inches (37mm), 2 Inches (51mm), 2.5 Inches (63mm), 3 Inches (76mm), 3.5 Inches (89mm) |, 4 Inches (102mm), 4.5 Inches (114mm), 5 Inches (127mm)

Mesh Colour (Firm)

Beige, Black, Green, Silver


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