Top Only Upholstery (Copy)


Padded Sleeves designed to slip over the backrest upright poles, just need to measure the length you require.  Adjustable webbing straps to maximize comfort, depending the length required will determine the number of adjustable straps.  Just supply the Chair Width and the Depth/Length you require and choose a Colour.  Can be made from Leather, Nylon, Vinyl and Cordura.

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Backrest Width

14 Inches (355mm), 15 Inches (381mm), 16 Inches (406mm), 17 Inches (431mm), 18 Inches (457mm), 19 Inches 482mm)

Top Upholstery Height

10 Inches (253mm), 11 Inches (278mm), 12 Inches (304mm), 13 Inches (329mm), 14 Inches (355mm), 4 Inches (102mm), 5 Inches (127mm), 6 Inches (152mm), 7 Inches (177mm), 8 Inches (203), 9 Inches (228mm)

Fabric Type

Cordura, Leather, Nylon, Vinyl

Fabric Colour

Black, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Grey, Red


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